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Promoting young talent for schoolchildren

Are you interested in technology? You wonder how cars are getting lighter and lighter and airplanes bigger and bigger? Would you like to experience research behind the scenes? Leibniz-IWT offers pupils many opportunities to get a taste of research topics for one or more days. We offer the following events:


Your fall internship at Leibniz-IWT

Every year, the Technology Park of the University of Bremen offers students from the 10th grade onwards an autumn internship on campus. This offers interested young people the opportunity to get a taste of various institutes and companies in the field of IT, technology or natural sciences. Among them is also the Leibniz IWT.
Students can apply directly on the Technology Park website.


Nationwide Future Day for Girls and Boys

On the occasion of the Future Day, the Leibniz-IWT participates in the program of the Girls'Day of the Federal Ministry of Research and Education. On this day, students from 5th grade onwards will have the opportunity to learn about various topics in materials science at four research institutions.
Girls' Day - BMBF

Girls'day - the IWT program via the University of Bremen

Leibniz-IWT is participating in Girls' Day at the University of Bremen, offering first insights into materials research. In their own small experiment, the girls explore various material properties and what lies behind them.
Registration for the Girls'Day offerings at the University of Bremen is possible via Girls'Day at the University of Bremen.


School in colored states

In this collaborative project between the SFB "Coloured States" and the Wilhelm-Focke-Oberschule in Bremen, researchers from the SFB work together with teachers to develop teaching modules on the subject of technology and teach these modules in a profile class at the school. This profile class will be accompanied from grade 5 to grade 7 with 2 hours of lessons per week, an extension into grade 10 is planned. The SFB reports about the modules in its blog and will make the teaching modules available for download from spring 2020.

Further information:


Finja does research!

At Leibniz-IWT exciting research is carried out. Finja and her best friend Malik were also able to experience this. In the children's book "Finja forscht" by Isabell Harder, the two friends set out to find the owner of a mysterious powder - and visit researchers at Leibniz-IWT. The book was published by Schünemann Verlag and is suitable for children from the third grade upwards.