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Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB 1232 "Colored States“

The integrated research training group of the SFB 1232 aims at a structural support of the graduates during their doctoral studies, the subproject work, the regular exchange between the individual subprojects and the acquisition of international visibility. These are individual and targeted measures, which are divided into the following areas:

  • personal mentoring measures
  • targeted supervision and support of doctoral students by the supervising university lecturers and sub-project leaders
  • joint SFB-specific measures
  • seminars, workshops and lectures by guest researchers in integrated and cooperating research training groups
  • Individual complementary measures with courses and workshops, which can be taken according to individual needs in agreement between the doctoral candidate, the coordinator of the Integrated Research Training Group and the respective supervisor.

Partners in this project include the Doctoral Center and the Personnel Development Department of the University of Bremen. The focus of the SFB's own measures is to ensure the quality of the doctoral programmes at a high level and to qualify doctoral students for leading positions in industry and science, both in a specialist and interdisciplinary manner. This is done with the support of the established institutions of the University of Bremen and the synergetic cooperation with already existing structures in the departments 03 and 04.