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Training as a materials tester - field of metal technology

You are interested in metals such as steel, aluminium, copper or titanium and would like to deepen your knowledge?

Then you are just right for us with an apprenticeship as a materials tester and its diverse tasks:

We don't just look at the material, we also look at the inside of a material. It does not matter whether it is a metal powder or a large bearing of a wind turbine.

We are interested in the material properties, which we can assess and also specifically modify. We are on the trail of the errors that lead to component failure... the CSI of materials science.

For this purpose, we have a wide range of testing methods at our disposal, such as the tensile test, the hardness test or the notched bar impact test for mechanical-technological tests. You will get to know non-destructive testing methods such as ultrasonic, radiographic or magnetic particle testing.  Of course we also take a look at the microstructure of metals. In metallographic analysis we examine the samples with the light microscope up to the electron microscope.

You learn this and much more in a training period of 3.5 years, although it is possible to shorten the training period if you perform well. The dual training takes place in the company and at vocational school.

Contact person: Martina Rickers, phone no.: 0421-218 51436, mail:


Training as building materials inspector

The training as a building material tester offers varied and interesting activities in the execution of various building material tests on different buildings and in the laboratory of the MPA Bremen. In addition to working according to current standards, building material testers also carry out individual, more experimentally oriented analyses, e.g. within the framework of research projects. The trainees test building materials from production to recycling.

The learning contents of the training include

  • working with a wide variety of building materials and handling test equipment,
  • the independent planning and execution of sample collections,
  • the testing of material properties according to valid regulations and standards,
  • the documentation and evaluation of measurement and test results.

The school-based part of the training takes place in block instruction. There, knowledge of testing and laboratory procedures and building material technology is taught in the job-related area.

Contact: Mr. Gerhard Bukowski,, 0421 53708-30