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Every structural material has special properties that make it stand out from other materials under certain conditions. As the requirements placed on the structures used in lightweight construction are becoming increasingly complex, structural development is increasingly moving in the direction of high-performance materials and material systems.

In this context the following is of interest

  • property profiles of individual material compositions, because metallic materials in particular show high performance potentials that are far from exhausted.
  • The aim is to combine different metallic and non-metallic material compositions in such a way that the individual material-specific advantages are optimally exploited in the composite.

As a cooperation partner for industry and research, the focus of the Lightweight Construction Materials Department is on the systematic, application-oriented and demand-oriented optimisation and further development of such materials and material systems, including component production and joining and testing methods.

Our activities include

  • Materials: Aluminium and titanium alloys, high-strength steels, property graded metals, metal-metal composites, hybrid composites, functionally integrated materials
  • Manufacturing process: Material-oriented additive manufacturing, alloy development, powder production, heat treatment, quenching, hardening, joining, testing