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The activities of the Department of Materials Engineering include the organization of scientific events as well as comprehensive experimental and theoretical work in these fields:

  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Surface Technology
  • Characterization of the material structure
  • Mechanical material properties
  • Optimization of material properties for operational use
  • alloy development and metal production and processing

In addition, the Materials Engineering Department is active in the following fields

  • Examination and investigation of damage claims
  • Consulting, information and expert opinions for industry, authorities and private persons

Each of these activities and fields of activity is dealt with in the seven departments of the Materials Engineering Department. The various departments work on the following main topics, among others:

In addition to the research activities of the Department of Materials Engineering, the IWT is closely linked to the University of Bremen by a cooperation agreement. Thus, the Department of Materials Science (FG 11) in the Department of Production Engineering and the management of the Department of Materials Engineering is carried out by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Fechte-Heinen. This close personnel and institutional integration offers excellent conditions for a theoretical and application-oriented education of the students, which is particularly advantageous for the transition to practice.