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The basic objective of the work in the Department of Production Engineering is the determination of the interactions in separating (cutting) and forming processes. The main focus of research lies in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of separating and forming manufacturing processes, taking into account material technology aspects
  • Evaluation of the work result according to the criteria: Main technology, fault technology, economic efficiency and environmental compatibility as well as workplace pollution
  • Design, construction and operating behaviour of the tools
  • Design of process chains and manufacturing process integration
  • Process-oriented quality inspection and production measurement technology
  • Process simulation
  • Development of principles and processes for the production of innovative products in microtechnology, medical technology and aerospace engineering


The research work is structured in terms of content and organisation and is carried out accordingly in the Laboratory for Micro-Cutting, Geometrically Determined Processes and Grinding and Gearing departments. In research and development, all three departments combine production engineering approaches with materials science knowledge