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Analytical building material microscopy was established as a research group at the MPA in 1989 and has taken on the task of investigating damage processes on a wide range of building materials relevant to historic monuments. The list of the monument objects examined so far as well as the completed research projects and those currently in progress give a good impression of the great experience that MPA Bremen has gained in this field of research.

The experience gained in the research projects is used by clients from the field of those responsible for the preservation of monuments and historic buildings or the restoration of ageing building materials. The main focus is on damage analysis with petrographic determinations and phase and microstructure descriptions, but also expert opinions regarding a sensible restoration.

A further focus is the microscopic assessment of damage with expert opinions in modern building materials technology. Thereby chemical, physical and biological influences on building and materials are examined and visualized. In particular, the possibilities of electron microscopic investigations using cryo-technology prove to be extremely helpful, e.g. in the assessment of setting and solidification processes in concrete. Currently, intensive cooperation in this field is underway with renowned building material institutes and companies.

Today, microscopic research is also of great importance in the field of building material recycling, where the close cooperation with the research association "Recycling of valuable materials in building material technology", which is located at the MPA, has proved to be particularly beneficial. At present several projects are in progress.

As a special service, asbestos investigations with identification determinations, ambient air measurements and remediation recommendations are offered.


Fields of activity at a glance

  • Analysis of damage mechanisms during building material weathering/corrosion (research on monument preservation)
  • Investigation and visualisation of chemical, physical and biological influences on building materials
  • Phase and microstructure analysis / petrography / concreteography
  • Loss clarification and expert opinion
  • Asbestos tests