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The department of civil engineering offers building material tests, supervision, certification and expertises for almost the entire field of civil engineering.

Our fields of activity

  • Mechanical technological testing of building materials
  • Chemical analysis of inorganic building materials and chemical-microbiological analysis of wood and wood-based materials
  • Testing, inspection and certification body (PÜZ-Stelle) recognised by the building authorities and notified at European level, with which inspection and certification contracts for building materials, components and types of construction can be concluded. The recognition covers almost all building products - from cement to prefabricated houses
  • Supervision of ÜK 2/3 concrete construction sites and concrete rehabilitation measures
  • Expert activities for the assessment of building materials, constructions and structural damage.
  • Processing of research and development projects in the fields of conventional building materials, recycled building materials as well as wood and wood preservation; wood cultural heritage management