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Material-oriented additive manufacturing

Of all the aspects concerning additive manufacturing technology, the development and use of new materials is still the least studied. The spectrum of special materials used for additively manufactured products has so far been very narrow, as the materials often cannot be transferred to this new manufacturing technology or cannot yet achieve the properties of conventionally manufactured products. On the other hand, the development of new materials and alloys specifically geared towards additive manufacturing shows that this technology makes it possible to realise property profiles that previously seemed impossible and creates completely new degrees of freedom in the design and use of innovative products. Each new material composition requires a significant development, which makes it necessary to consider the entire process chain - from the production of the raw material to the additive manufacturing process to post-processing and property testing.

Our spectrum - from powder to component

With our existing process chain and many years of expertise, we support the development of new metallic powders and materials. In powder-based additive manufacturing, Leibniz-IWT has the entire process chain at its disposal - from the powder to the component - and thus an important unique selling point for integrated material- and application-oriented research into new materials for additive manufacturing. In numerous, ongoing research projects, we work together with our partners on application-oriented issues and always bring in the know-how from projects that have already been completed as well as from all the specialist departments where we have achieved our research goals through to application. For further developments in this research focus, we are always looking for cooperation partners from research and industry as well as motivated scientists who would like to become part of our team.

Main areas of research

In order to illustrate the additive manufacturing processes at our company in more detail, you will find a brief overview of our focal points and possibilities below:

Alloy development:
High-strength and damage-tolerant steel and aluminium
materials, copper, metallic glasses, high entropy alloys

Melt atomisation, powder characterisation,
modelling and simulation

Powder bed based laser additive manufacturing,
In-situ Heat treatment

Heat treatment, distortion engineering, machining and surface treatment

Testing and characterisation:    
Mechanical testing, metallography, physical analysis


Due to the wide range of projects in this area, we work in parallel in the various departments, working groups interdisciplinary with each other but also with many external cooperation partners.

You can find a current list of projects


. You can find out about projects that have already been completed