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Research at Leibniz-IWT focuses on three main areas: additive manufacturing, hydrogen technologies and digitalisation. With these main topics, Leibniz-IWT addresses in particular issues of the drive technology industry and mobility as well as resource and energy efficiency.

In the Additive Manufacturing priority area, Leibniz-IWT scientists are intensively researching and developing new materials and manufacturing processes to realise innovative and forward-looking property profiles in materials technology.

The focus of research in the field of hydrogen technologies is the development and application of hydrogen as an energy carrier of the future. The aim is to advance H2 technologies in the context of materials development and thus contribute to the mass suitability and economic viability of H2. 

Under the umbrella term digitalisation, the potential of digital transformation is being researched at Leibniz-IWT and new methods and technologies are being developed to further optimise data usability along the process chain and make it more efficient in the long term.