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SFB Initiative "Colored States"

SFB Initiative "Coloured States

Process chains for new metallic construction materials

In the SFB initiative "Coloured States", a novel experimental method for materials development was developed. The overall objective was to efficiently and purposefully find compositions and process chains for new metallic construction materials that meet a specific requirement profile. Conventional materials development is always accompanied by elaborate experimental investigations to determine mostly chemical, mechanical or technological material properties. The high resource requirements per experiment in conventional processes reduce the number of possible experiments, so that the procedures are usually predictive (sometimes also intuitive). These methods do not take into account the potential of non-intuitive parameter selection.
On the basis of new methods for the original shaping, staining and characterisation of microscopic material samples, sample logistics as well as mathematical and informatic procedures for the analysis of large data sets, a novel high-throughput procedure was developed in this SFB initiative. This breaks through resource limitations and thus opens up new horizons for experimental materials development. Microscopic, easy-to-produce samples were analysed for so-called descriptors using adapted short-term characterisation methods. The transfer of the determined descriptors to the macroscopic material properties of the requirement profile was carried out by a heuristic predictor function, which only requires a few macro samples.

Novel high-throughput method

The high-throughput method thus has a significantly increased efficiency compared to previously known methods. The search for new construction materials is mathematically and informatically based in order to identify hits, i.e. promising compositions and process chains, with high efficiency in the multi-dimensional search space. In addition, the large data volumes and sample throughputs require highly dynamic data and sample logistics as well as efficient sample handling. The "Coloured States" method enables a paradigm shift in the development of engineering materials towards a resource-efficient high-throughput method. It allows experimental exploration of entirely new material groups and thus forms a potential pillar of innovative future technologies.
The Collaborative Research Centre expires on 30.03.2021. If you have any questions about the SFB's research, please contact the persons listed here.