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Dynamics and Instabilities of particle-laden pulsatile flows in complex pipe geometries

The research group FOR 2688, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), aims at gaining a fundamental understanding of pulsatile flows.

In engineering (e.g. fluid transport by pumping) and in biological systems (e.g. blood flow) pulsatile flows are common, but little is known about how the oscillating part of the volume flux influences the flow dynamics.

We tackle this question in an interdisciplinary team of engineers, physicists and physicians. Our research covers basics of flow instabilities and particle migration, to the complex motion and deformations of red blood cells. The methods range from precision experiments and particle-resolved simulations, to the in-vivo imaging of individual blood cells. The long-term goal of our research is to lay the hydrodynamic foundations for a better understanding, prevention and treatment of vascular diseases and strokes.

The research group FOR 2688 consists of five experimental and three numerical subprojects within Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Dr. Kerstin Avila is a young scientist and is for the first time principal investigator of a DFG project. Prof. Christian Wagner from Saarland University is the spokesperson of the FOR 2688.


Link to the DFG of the subproject „Dynamics and Instabilities of particle-laden pulsatile flows in complex pipe geometries“

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