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Precursor release in nanoparticle producing spray flames: Single droplet investigation of multicomponent mass transfer


Process analysis and control of atomizing and mixing zones in spray flames

The aim of the priority program funded by the German Research Foundation is to achieve a fundamental understanding and theoretical modeling of the entire flame spraying process in an interdisciplinary network. The focus is on the development and application of specific in-situ analytical methods, the establishment of chemical mechanisms through basic kinetic experiments and theoretical calculations and a comprehensive simulation of the process chain precursor solution - spray - flame - particle, adapted to the problem. The development and use of a standard experiment ("SpraySyn Standard Burner"), which is to be established internationally as a reference experiment with a comprehensive validation data set, plays a key role. In the long term, it will serve as an anchor point for research and development of particle synthesis in spray flames. The SPP 1980 is coordinated at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Prof. Lutz Mädler is one of the three organizers of this SPP.