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Impact and control of mechanical stress on protein structures during formulation in premix-emulsification

The aim of the project, which is funded by the German Research Foundation, is to investigate dispersity, structure and phase changes of proteins and biological agglomerates in biotechnological processes. One subproject is the characterization of the mechanical stress (stress-residence time behavior) of proteins and protein agglomerates and the effect on protein structure and functionality in downstream processing using the example of the premix emulsification process. Process-induced protein structural changes will be characterized by comparative numerical (CFD simulation and molecular dynamics) and instrumental-analytical (FTIR, drop shape) investigations. The derivation of mechanical stress and damage models for proteins and bioagglomerates during membrane emulsification will enable the targeted control of mechanical processes. For this purpose, an interdisciplinary network is available within the SPP.  Finally, the storage stability of protein-based emulsions and thus the product quality can be positively influenced by adapted stress-reduced processing. The applicants are Prof. Udo Fritsching from mechanical process engineering and Prof. Stefan Drusch from the TU Berlin.