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Function-oriented manufacturing of characteristic process signatures

Research for a paradigm shift in manufacturing technology

Since 2014, the interdisciplinary team of the transregional Collaborative Research Center of the SFB/TRR 136 has been researching to develop and concretize the concept of so-called "process signatures" and thus initiate a paradigm shift in material-oriented manufacturing.

Basic research and international networking

More than 40 scientists from the University of Bremen, RWTH Aachen University and Oklahoma State University, USA, are devoting themselves to this question in this comprehensive research project. The SFB/TRR 136 is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Investigation of marginal zone properties during the manufacturing process

In the industrial production of highly stressed components it is quite easy to adjust dimensions, shapes and surface geometry. However, for material properties close to the surface, so-called edge zone properties such as residual stress and hardness, this has hardly been possible so far. However, it is precisely these properties that are of decisive importance for the service life and operating behaviour of the components, since the stresses act on the component from the surface in the form of operating loads. It is therefore important to gain a better understanding of the processes that take place in the manufacturing process and lead to changes in material properties. This is the research project of the SFB/Transregio "Function-oriented manufacturing based on characteristic process signatures".

In addition to its scientific goals, the SFB/ TRR 136 has set itself the task of developing and implementing sustainable measures and concepts in the areas of equality, gender & diversity, promotion of young researchers, promotion of graduates and public relations.