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Leibniz-IWT conducts research in various coordinated research programmes of the German Research Foundation (DFG), including Collaborative Research Centres (SFB), Priority Programmes (SPP) and research groups. In cooperation with various institutions, we work on the development of innovative solutions and new materials-oriented technologies. 

In the Collaborative Research Centres, Leibniz-IWT develops interdisciplinary, challenging and long-term research projects and thus makes significant contributions to manufacturing, process and materials technology for new metallic construction materials. Leibniz-IWT is not currently involved in any SFBs. Until the end of 2022, Leibniz-IWT was involved in the transregional Collaborative Research Centres SFB/TRR 136 "Process Signatures" and until March 2021 in SFB 1232 "Coloured States".

The priority programmes function as a transregional cooperation structure for scientists from all over Germany. Participation in the priority programmes offers our scientists the opportunity to research overarching issues of high practical relevance along the entire process chain and thus drive forward future-oriented technologies.

By participating in various research groups, which represent close working alliances of outstanding scientists working on comprehensive research tasks, Leibniz-IWT contributes to the promotion of young scientists and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Together with our cooperation partners, we use our expertise in the respective thematic focus areas to create measurable added value for science and society.