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You are on the website of the Leibniz Institute

for Materials Engineering - IWT.

The institute is called Leibniz-IWT for short.


On this page you will find information about the Leibniz-IWT in plain language.

The Leibniz-IWT is a research institute in Germany.

The building of the Leibniz-IWT is in Bremen.

Scientists and researchers work there.

Many are material scientists.

The scientists at the Leibniz-IWT do a lot of research on metal.

Airplanes, trains or cars are made of metal.

The Leibniz-IWT wants to improve metal.

Some scientists at the Leibniz-IWT also do research on other materials.


The Leibniz IWT includes the MPA.

The MPA is also called Amtliche Material-Prüfungs-Anstalt der Freien Hansestadt Bremen.

Materials are tested at the MPA.

The MPA finds out the reason for broken materials.


What are the areas on this website?

On the white bar are the areas:


Here you will find news from the institute.


Here you can find who works where in the institute.

Here you can see where to get to the Leibniz-IWT.

Here you can also find a lot of other information.

For example, about the history of the Leibniz-IWT.


Here you can see what exactly the scientists at the Leibniz-IWT are researching.

Young scientists and careers:

Here you can find info on whether the Leibniz-IWT is looking for new employees for its work.

And here you can read what the Leibniz-IWT does for children.

University and teaching:

Here's what students can learn from the Leibniz-IWT.


Here are events of the Leibniz-IWT.

Here are texts from the newspaper that tell about the Leibniz-IWT.

Network & Partners:

Here you can see in which groups the Leibniz-IWT is.

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