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02. Jun. 2020

Great success for process engineering: The priority programme "Designing synergies in tailor-made mixtures of heterogeneous powders", applied for by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Fritsching and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lutz Mädler, is one of 14 recently selected programmes to be established by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Out of a total of 49 applications submitted, only three other projects from the engineering sciences were successful in addition to the process engineering application.

The priority programme will initially be funded for three years, with a total duration of six years. The DFG's Priority Programmes are designed to investigate the scientific foundations of particularly current or emerging research areas.

The new priority programme "Designing synergies in tailor-made mixtures of heterogeneous powders" aims to develop application-oriented particle systems through the controlled, process-reliable and controllable adjustment of particulate aggregate systems. The focus will be on gas phase processes, as these allow particularly suitable process control for novel, pure material systems.

In the following the SPP will be filled with scientific subprojects. For this purpose, the expertise of different transdisciplinary research areas (e.g. from process engineering, process engineering and flow technology, measurement and characterization techniques, modeling and simulation as well as application technology, e.g. in energy and material technology, pharmaceutical process engineering or building materials technology) will be combined. About 20 sub-projects will be able to participate in the coordinated programme from about mid 2021 after the evaluation.