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06. Sep. 2022

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Meyer, chief engineer in the Department of manufacturing engineering at Leibniz-IWT, successfully completed his habilitation colloquium last week and thus obtained the authorisation to teach (venia legendi) in his subject area of manufacturing engineering.

In the field of manufacturing engineering, Dr.-Ing. Daniel Meyer underwent the habilitation procedure, which he successfully completed with the habilitation thesis "Manufacturing-related modifications in the subsurface layers - consequence of the interaction of process and material" and the subsequent habilitation colloquium on 01 of September 2022.
The reviewers of the thesis, Prof. Brinksmeier (University of Bremen), Prof. Bergs (RWTH Aachen) and Prof. Bleicher (TU Vienna), as well as the habilitation committee chaired by Prof. Tracht (University of Bremen) and representatives of the various status groups, proposed that Mr Meyer be awarded the authorisation to teach in the field of manufacturing engineering in Department 4 Production Engineering at the University of Bremen.
Under the given Corona protection measures, it was a particular pleasure that the colloquium could take place in hybrid form. Thus, about 30 people could participate in person and further colleagues from the department digitally.