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09. Jul. 2020


On 30th June the MPA Bremen was able to welcome the Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Building, Dr. Maike Schaefer, as a guest in the Paul-Feller-Straße.

On this occasion the senator was presented the network "ReUse + ReCycling im Bauwesen", which has grown steadily over many years. This network is made up of the bauteilnetz Deutschland e.V., the Forschungsvereinigung Recycling und Wertstoffverwertung im Bauwesen e.V. (RWB), the MPA Bremen and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen.

Following the presentation of the actors, there was a lively discussion with Senator Dr. Maike Schaefer about the possibilities of component reuse, material recycling in the form of recycled building materials developed to market maturity, as well as teaching for Bremen students of architecture and civil engineering and recycling research.

All participants are very positive about future projects within the network "ReUse + ReCycling im Bauwesen" with the support of the Bremen Senate.


Picture from left to right: Mrs. Hein, Dipl.-Ing. Axel Meyer, Senator Dr. Maike Schaefer, Dipl.-Ing. Ute Dechantsreiter, Dipl.-Ing. Frank Hlawatsch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Daniel Ufermann-Wallmeier