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22. Jul. 2021

In its latest issue, the Leibniz Magazine focuses on research into nano- and microparticles. As an expert in this field, Prof. Lutz Mädler, Director of Process Engineering at the Leibniz IWT, provides insights into one of his research focuses, examining the nano-bio interactions of nanoparticles produced by flame spray pyrolysis.

Pioneering work has been done in this field at IWT in recent years. One example of this is an EU cooperation project in which it was possible to kill cancer cells in a targeted manner using nanomaterials (more information here).

"In this project, our challenge was to use safer by design to modify toxic nanoparticles in such a way that they exhibit a very specific dissolution behaviour in the body in order to be able to use them as a drug," reports Prof. Mädler in the Leibniz Magazine article. With this success, a significant contribution could be made within interdisciplinary research to fight cancer.

The entire article in Leibniz Magazine can be found here.