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18. May. 2021


Valuable renewal of the equipment in metallography: Recently, a new image analysis system was put into operation in the institute's laboratories. The microscope DM6 M of the company Leica with the image analysis software of the company PixelFerber could be financed through the EFRE funding (European Fund for Regional Development in Bremen).

In the future, it will be possible to use the microscope in a variety of ways for numerous research projects and external contract work. The system enables the determination of grain sizes and non-metallic influences and allows an analysis of particles and microstructural phases - in each case according to the specifications of currently valid standards. The analysis on the ground section, display and subsequent evaluation is highly automated, which significantly speeds up individual work steps and optimises their quality.


"Process-accompanying analytics for the characterisation and simulation of additively manufactured components - AnaSim⁴AM" was funded by the European Union with the following objective: "Strengthening a specialised, company-oriented innovation system".