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12. Aug. 2022

On 8.8.2022, our highly esteemed colleague Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Rabenstein passed away suddenly and completely unexpectedly.

Dr. Rabenstein had worked for well over 20 years as a research fellow and deputy group leader in the Microbiology Working Group at the Institute for Materials Testing (MPA Bremen). As a proven expert in his field and with his professional and level-headed manner, he represented a stron force in the Leibniz-IWT community.

In his research group he worked on research topics as well as contract work on mechanisms of colonization, modification and destruction of materials by microorganisms. His main areas of expertise were the study of fungi and the microbial analysis of cooling lubricants.

We mourn a highly valued, always helpful and reliable work colleague who will be greatly missed by all of us. His sudden loss leaves a large and painful gap in our ranks.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to his relatives and all those who are closely associated with him.

On the Weser-Kurier's mourning page, there are options for lighting virtual candles and writing personal messages and condolences.