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11. May. 2021

For upper secondary school students (grades 10 to 13), a virtual programme will again be offered by the leading research institutes in the field of materials research in Germany during summer and autumn 2021. Organised by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, this is a nationwide taster offer for pupils interested in science.

Leibniz-IWT will also open its digital doors on 22.06.2021 and offer insights into materials research, which is advanced in the laboratories. The Virtual Lab Day invites you to a virtual excursion that provides interesting insights into the everyday working life of an IWT scientist. First, the pupils can look over the shoulders of the researchers and then ask all their questions. In addition to a general introduction to materials research and a tour of the entire institute, there will be a more intensive insight into the 3D printing laboratory at the IWT. Students interested in science thus have the opportunity to get to know these fascinating topics without the stress of school. From home, they can visit institutions all over Germany during their autumn holidays and also have the chance to win exciting prizes in a materials quiz at the end.


For more information and to register for the Virtual Lab Day, click here.

Here you can find the flyer of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research on holiday internships.