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02. May. 2022

On 27 April, the meeting of the DGM Technical Committee Mechanical Surface Treatment took place again for the first time in the presence of Leibniz-IWT. More than 20 experts from research institutes and industrial practice met in Bremen to discuss current issues and results in the field of targeted influencing of edge zone properties.

The varied lecture programme included contributions from represented universities, colleges, research institutes and companies. The topics included, for example, effects of hard rolling on the edge zone and service life of welded offshore components, parabolic springs in the automotive industry or additively manufactured medical technology components, as well as the effects of blasting processes on the abrasive and the blasting material. In addition, new tool concepts were presented in lectures on the internal machining of connecting rod eyes as well as grinding with a dominant mechanical effect using tools with elastically bonded spherical grains. During the breaks, the technical exchange could be continued directly at the IWT test stands of the research topics currently being worked on there.

The next meeting will take place in autumn at another technical committee partner - and, to the delight of the participants, is also planned to take place in presence again.

More information here.