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23. Jun. 2021

Visit to take office: On 7 June, Kay Wenzel from the Ministry of Science visited the Institute together with Dr Petra Kühne. The visit had a current occasion, as Mr Wenzel has taken over the chairmanship of the Leibniz Institute's Board of Trustees, replacing his predecessor, Dr Volker Saß, in office. In this context, Mr Wenzel gladly took the opportunity to get to know the IWT better during his visit.

During an overview lecture and a tour of the halls and laboratories, Mr Wenzel gained a comprehensive insight into the interdepartmental cooperation along the process chain of structural and functional materials, the unique selling points of the IWT, the very good and close cooperation with the senatorial authority as well as the elaborate experimental work at the institute. In the process, Mr Wenzel was able to exchange views and ask questions directly with the directors.

Mr Kay Wenzel heads Department 2 "Universities and Research" at the Senator for Science and Ports. Previously, he was involved in the Institute of History (Department 8) at the University of Bremen and then functioned in the central administration of the University of Bremen as head of the "Teaching" department. Prior to his current position, he was head of Department 21 "Universities and Higher Education Policy" at the Science Authority.

All those involved were pleased to get to know each other personally and look forward to working together in the future.