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27. Jan. 2020




The Leibniz-IWT will receive 720,000 euros in funding from the ERDF programme 2014 to 2020. This was decided by the Budget and Finance Committee in its meeting on Friday (24.01.2020).AnaSim⁴AM", the project "Process-accompanying analytics for the characterisation and simulation of additively manufactured components" aims to complete the process chain for the additive manufacturing (3D printing) of high-strength metallic components at Leibniz-IWT by procuring new equipment for material analysis. The overall aim is to set up and expand the process chain, which covers the entire spectrum from powder production to manufacturing and quality assurance.

For example, the new X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) will be used to investigate the chemical composition of the material at all stages of production. Glow discharge spectroscopy (GDOS) will be used to analyse the chemical composition following the machining of 3D printed components. The new high-temperature hardness tester can determine the hardness and elasticity of printed and metallic components from room temperature up to 600°C. In addition, the process-accompanying image analysis for material characterization, such as roundness, shape, etc., is to be renewed. A quenching/forming dilatometer is also to be procured, which can determine important core parameters such as the thermal expansion behaviour of steels, for example.

Tenders for the equipment are to be issued in the EU area this year, and production is planned for next year.

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