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Date: 19.05.2022 / 16-17 Uhr
Dipl.-Inf. Henk Birkholz
Research Fellow in the Department of Reactive Spray Deposition Technology
Title: Towards Useful Ontologies in Material Science Engineering
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Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable (FAIR) science data is achievable in well-scoped domains of applications. Yet the Material Science and Engineering (MSE) domain in itself is vastly complex and heterogeneous. There have been many efforts to consolidate an unified knowledge representation in support of the MSE domain, but always there were essential parts missing to render these approaches sustainable solutions. The Platform Material Digital (PMD) combines community building with well-defined collaborative curation processes to create standardized semantic building blocks. This presentation will highlight some of these building blocks and illustrate a path towards using ontologies as an appropriate enabler for FAIR MSE science data.