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Date: 16.02.2023 / 16-17 Uhr
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Hlawatsch
Deputy Head of Civil Engineering Department
Title: The recyclable material aerated concrete - proposal for a recycling strategy
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The building material aerated concrete (AAC) has enjoyed great popularity in Germany since the 1960s, as insulating monolithic wall constructions can be built from the specifically lightweight mineral building material without the need for additional insulation measures. The advantageous properties for the primary building material aerated concrete, such as low bulk density and good thermal insulation, cause problems as a recycled material in the construction waste stream: low grain strength, high water absorption capacity, lack of frost resistance. Up to now, aerated concrete has generally been disposed of in landfills.

In the lecture, different recycling methods for aerated concrete rubble will be presented, which have been developed at Leibniz-IWT, business unit MPA Bremen, with the support of the Forschungsvereinigung Recycling und Wertstoffverwertung im Bauwesen e.V. (RWB): Methanox functional layer for landfill construction, ready-mixed dry mortar, lightweight stone, foam stone.