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Date: 01.12.2022 / 16-17 Uhr
Dr.-Ing. Lisa Belkacemi
Research Fellow

Introduction to atom probe tomography and its application at the IWT

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In November 2021, the Leibniz-IWT acquired a new atom probe tomography (APT) equipment. This cutting-edge characterization technique provides three-dimensional compositional mapping with sub-nanometre resolution, for samples with typical dimensions up to 100 x 100 x 500 nm3. The sensitivity of APT is in the range of parts per million for all elements, including light elements such as hydrogen, carbon or lithium. The composition of microstructural features can be analyzed with high precision, making APT ideally suited to complement high-resolution electron-based or X-ray-based microscopies and spectroscopies. During this live presentation, an introductory overview of APT will be given along with current applications in different research activities at the IWT.