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Material development for laser additive manufacturing using the example of aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloys

Date:11.05.2023 / 16-17 Uhr
Dr.-Ing. Dmytro Borysenko

Research Scientist in the department of Manufacturing Technologies

Title:Artificial intelligence in production preparation and the path to fully autonomous production
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Against the background of constantly increasing demands on materials and machining processes, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more important with regard to optimized machining quality and increased productivity.

The transfer of knowledge from the Leibniz-IWT to industry will be supplemented in this area in the future by an exciting spin-off: TOOLTIP GmbH, founded by Dr.-Ing. Borysenko, specializes in tool search and the integration of artificial intelligence into the production chain.

In his presentation at Leibniz-IWT live, the opportunities in the use of AI in the manufacturing industry and its role in the complete production chain will be highlighted. It will be presented how the research knowledge of the institute has been processed and further developed in TOOLTIP GmbH and how AI can in principle be a facilitator for employees in the field of manufacturing technology.