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Digital event series „Leibniz-IWT Live“



In order to strengthen the regular exchange within materials, process and production engineering and to highlight current research topics, Leibniz-IWT has been hosting the free online format "Leibniz-IWT live" since 2021.

Here, experienced employees of the Leibniz-IWT report on their current research activities up to four times a year. Following the 30-minute lecture, the same amount of time is allotted for follow-up questions and lively discussion. The lecture series is aimed at all interested parties from science and practice, regardless of whether they already know the institute or would like to get to know it.

The four annual lectures in this series cover a wide range of topics and projects and demonstrate the breadth of materials-oriented research.

The Leibniz-IWT is looking forward to numerous registrations and to welcoming you to "Leibniz-IWT live".


Past events:

Metallpulver für die additive Fertigung

Funktionalisierung optischer Oberflächen durch Zerspanung

Application of deep learning image recognition techniques for characterization of thin coatings

Rapid identification of microorganisms with the MALDI biotyper

Towards Useful Ontologies in Material Science Engineering

Digital material-oriented production using the example of additive-subtractive hybrid manufacturing with cold spraying and milling

Introduction to atom probe tomography and its application at the IWT

The recyclable material aerated concrete - proposal for a recycling strategy

Artificial intelligence in production preparation and the path to fully autonomous production


Future events:

14.03.2024 - Material development for laser additive manufacturing using the example of aluminum-silicon-magnesium alloys - M.Sc. Daniel Knoop