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Campus City: Introduction to materials research

Event details

Universität Bremen
Wachtstraße 17-24
28195 Bremen
Date from
19. Oct. 2021
Date to
19. Oct. 2021
Bremer Baumwollbörse, Raum 406, Wachtstraße 17-24, 28195 Bremen

Experience the University of Bremen in the city at CAMPUS CITY.

From October 16-30, the University of Bremen presents itself on the occasion of the 50th anniversary City of Bremen. Lectures, guided tours, workshops & talk sessions let all interested immerse themselves in the world of science and university.
There is something for everyone, young and old! Come to the Baumwollbörse Bremen, the Bürger- und Sozialzentrum Huchting, the Übersee-Museum Bremen and many more extraordinary locations.

In her lecture, Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Hoja will give an exciting and easy-to-understand insight into materials research at Leibniz-IWT and where it is already being applied.